Top 7 Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In Malaysia (Comparison)

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia


Top 7 Free Job Posting Sites For Employers In Malaysia

A study has shown that the most challenging part when comes to recruitment is lack of talents in 2019. Even though over 290,000 fresh graduates are suffering from finding a job in Malaysia. Among all of the graduates, 20% of the graduates are suffering from finding a job and most of them are degree holders.

The main reason for the talent shortage is due to low budget hiring issues.

When it comes to recruiting a new employee, the company has to calculate recruiting cost and allocate a certain budget into it. No doubt there are always other alternatives such as referral, still, nothing beats the importance of using job website when it comes to hiring the better quality talent with the least effort and time, but maximum return.

Most of the top job search sites in Malaysia such as Jobstreet, Monsters, Glassdoor, are charging on job posting. Fees ranging from RM200 up to RM600 per job ads/month.

It’s pretty common for a company to allocate a minimum budget of RM200 when it comes to recruitment. At times, job advertisement does not able to help them in attracting any qualified talents, or, even worse, no single applicants is attracted.

In order to help some companies to lower down on their hiring budget, especially spending on job posting, and that’s why we would like to share with you on what are the 7 best free job posting sites that you can try out in Malaysia. You can post jobs for free using these websites! Take note that the list of top free job posting sites in Malaysia is served as a guideline only.

7 best job posting website in Malaysia at zero cost including Indeed, Job Majestic, JobsMalaysia, Best Jobs,, and Remotelah.

What are the top free job posting sites in Malaysia?

1. Indeed

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia - Indeed

Indeed is one of the best job posting sites in Malaysia. Indeed job Malaysia dedicated to prioritizing on job seekers, providing some simple job search features such as apply jobs, upload resumes, and etc.  With over 150 million of resumes within the company’s database, Indeed is able to capitalize it to ensure that employers can find the perfect candidates, at the same time allowing job seekers to find their dream job.

However, take note that Indeed free job posting might be limited and Indeed has quality standards for any job and may limit the number of free jobs anyone is allowed to post.

2. Job Majestic


Job Majestic is a new bilingual job portal in Malaysia that focuses on providing free informative career tips, articles and videos to jobseekers. Best of all, the job posting is free for employers and recruiters! Post your job for free!

    • Users: 20,000 Jobseekers in Malaysia
    • Price: RM0
    • Pros: Free job posting sites for employers
    • Cons: Mobile app is not available for now.
    • Website Click Here >>> Job Majestic

3. JobsMalaysia

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia - JobsMalaysia

Jobsmalaysia is an automated online job matching system provided by the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) in Malaysia.

JobsMalaysia is a job portal Malaysia that is free for all employers to post job advertisements in Malaysia and job seekers to look and apply for jobs. If you want to post jobs for free in Malaysia, this website is definitely what you are looking for.

    • Users: 290,898 Jobseekers
    • Price: RM0
    • Pros: Free Job Posting for employers
    • Cons: The website language is in Malay language only and might not be effective for overseas talent placement.
    • Website Click Here >>> JobsMalaysia

4. Bestjobs Malaysia

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia - BestJobs

Bestjobs Malaysia is a free job posting site in Malaysia. You can post job vacancy for free in Bestjobs Malaysia. However, it comes with a premium service package (including highlighted ad, urgent ad, flash job ad, hide company name and show contact e-mail) with additional charges.

    • Users: Unidentified
    • Price: RM0 for job posting. USD100 for 3 months of a premium service package.
    • Pros: –
    • Cons: Free Job Posting and access for the 15 first registered candidates for the job posting. There is limited features of access for free job posting.
    • Website Click Here >>> Bestjobs Malaysia


Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia -

At, they specialise in part-time, freelance and temporary job recruitment. They aim to make competitive jobs readily available through connecting job-seekers and employers in their job portal. You can post free ads online without registration in Malaysia.

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia - Freelancing is a job website in Malaysia that focused on freelancers and work from home workers! This job portal offers free job posting for some clients that wish to look out for project basis service! The objective of is to make the website more user friendly to look for freelance job opportunities as well as to develop a work from home concept in Malaysia.

    • Users: 4,700 freelancers in the website.
    • Price: RM0 for job posting.
    • Pros: Free job posting sites with no hidden charges!
    • Cons: Their target market is most likely on freelancer and contract worker.
    • Website Click Here >>>

7. Remotelah

Free Job Posting Sites Malaysia - Remotelah

Remotelah is a new job posting site in Malaysia that aimed to help job seekers in finding content remote writing job.

Update: the website has changed to

    • Users: Unidentified
    • Price: RM0 for job posting
    • Pros: Focused on a niche market of content remote writing job
    • Cons: A new jobsite in Malaysia
    • Website Click Here >>> Remotelah

So, what is the best site to post a job in Malaysia?

    • If you have a budget, you can go for Jobstreet. You may check the full list of free job posting sites in Malaysia here.
    • You can go for Indeed if you’re looking for full-timers.
    • If you’re looking for part-timers, you can look for
    • If you’re looking for a freelance job, you can look for freelancing.

How can I fill my job vacancies in Malaysia effectively?

    • Write an attractive job post. You can include some attractive benefits in your job post.
    • Contact candidates once you got applicants on a job site.
    • You can use more than 1 job website to have more applicants. Try to use all of the free job posting sites as above so that you can fill up your job vacancies faster.



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